Server Systems

Why Choose an ECS Server?

The amount of data being created and stored by small businesses has increased exponentially in the past few years and that amount continues to grow as time goes on. If your business relies on the data that you create on a daily basis, you must ask yourself how much data can you afford to lose? A day's worth? A week? A month?

Are you prepared to handle that loss and do you have recovery plans in place if your existing solution fails? These questions can be difficult to answer for most businesses.

That is why ECS Servers are designed with a focus on reliability, redundancy and data protection so that you can have the peace of mind that comes with a complete application, data storage and backup solution.

Here are just a few reasons why an ECS Server is the best choice for your business.


ECS Servers are built using the highest-quality components available. Components such as:

  • Intel® Motherboards & CPUs
  • Thermaltake Cases & Power Supplies
  • Crucial ECC RAM
  • Samsung SSD / Western Digital Enterprise Hard Drives
  • Intel / Areca RAID Controllers

These premium components are assembled by our experienced staff to maintain exceptional performance and reliability.


High-quality components assembled by our experienced and professional staff plus complete burn-in testing guarantee that your server will be there when you need it most.


We stand by our products, that is why our servers come with our Advanced 3-Year Parts & Labor Warranty and most components are warrantied by the manufacturer for an even longer duration.

This, combined with the quality of our components and building process, guarantee that you are investing in a server that will last.

Backup Solution

Each ECS server is configured to create frequent and complete backups of your data and system state. Not only will you be able to recover lost data at a moment's notice but our solution will enable your entire server to be restored back to working order in case of a disaster scenario. You'll keep all of your applications, data and configurations.


Our servers are built using Intel Xeon Processors giving you the necessary performance to be competitive in today's business market.

Personal Service

Our family-owned and operated business gives you the highest level of personal service possible.

Electronic Computer Services, Inc. will do whatever it takes to keep your business up and running without the hassles of dealing with different technicians every time you run into an issue, saving you time and money.

Trusted Support

Our I.T. Support services have been trusted for almost twenty years by government agencies and private sector organizations including but not limited to many local police departments, municipalities, small businesses and private PC owners.

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