DB75EN Workstation


ECS Workstations are designed from the ground up with a focus around speed and reliability for the workplace. Today's business applications demand a machine capable of multi-tasking and increasing productivity. An ECS Workstation delivers on all fronts.

This PC is ideal for:

  • Server/Domain Environments
  • Internet Browsing | Business Applications
  • Word Processing | Burning CDs and DVDs
  • Working from the Home


Using Intel Core Series Processors, your ECS Workstation is guaranteed to perform, increasing productivity and efficiency across the board.



A selection of quality components assembled by our experienced and professional staff means your PC will be as reliable as it is fast. Reliability is key in the workplace as downtime costs you money. That is why our systems have been trusted for reliability by many local government agencies including City, Police and Fire Departments for the past 15 years.


All ECS Workstations come with our Advanced 1-Year Parts and Labor Warranty, keeping you up and running when you need it most. Almost all components carry their own Extended Manufacturer warranty as well, protecting you for an even longer duration. This gives you the peace of mind you deserve when investing in a new PC.

Personal Service

Don't deal with a new person every time you call for support. Our family-owned and operated business means you'll be speaking to technicians familiar with you and your needs.

Our courteous and experienced staff will be there for you when you need them. Just give us a call!